The Team

Laura Wood

Laura has designed several larps which have run in several countries throughout Europe including Here Comes a Candle, Down the Line and Inside. She is a co-organiser for The Smoke (London’s International Larp Festival), and a co-organiser of The Immersivist Club.

Mo Holkar

Mo is a long-time British larp designer and organizer: some of his chamber larps can be found at He is also one of the organizers of The Smoke: London’s International Larp Festival, and is the current lead organizer of The Game Kitchen.

Project teams

On Location

  • Karolina Soltys
  • Kate Bennett
  • Michael Such
  • Will Osmond
  • Elina Gouliou

The Clinic

  • José Fabregat
  • Mirella Machancoses López

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