The specifics of our policies will vary depending on the larp; but these are the values that you can expect from us. Please be aware that this is a living document, and it may be changed and updated as we learn and grow.


We believe that the physical and emotional safety of players is the most important aspect of larp design. Players are more important than the larp, and player safety and comfort is our priority. All of the larps that we run will have a comprehensive safety policy, and we will always have organizers on safety duty that players can speak with about any issues.

We will use a flagging policy in our larps, which will work before allocation of places and casting takes place: as follows.

The names of everyone who has signed up to the larp will be circulated to everyone who has signed up. You will have the option to:

  • Red-flag a name – this will mean that you have experienced behaviour from that person that you believe makes them unsafe to larp with. Examples of this might be bullying, harassment, or abuse. You don’t have to give a reason for red-flagging a name. Someone who has been red-flagged will not be allowed to attend the larp. We will not tell them who red-flagged them, or why.
  • Yellow-flag a name – this means that you don’t believe that that person is unsafe, but for personal reasons you are unable to play closely with them. In this case we will prioritize not casting you and them together in relationships; even if that means that as a result of this one or both aren’t cast. We will not tell someone that they have been yellow-flagged.
  • Request not to play closely with a specific person – this is for when you prefer to play away from someone perhaps because you often play closely together, or because you want to explore play with different participants. We will do our best to honour these requests, but they won’t be prioritized. We will not tell them that you have made this request.

Accessibility and Inclusion

We recognize that any decision we make about accessibility involves a tradeoff. We aim to consider accessibility carefully in any choices we make. Some of the areas we will consider include:

  • Financial considerations – We will consider how to be inclusive as possible to those on lower incomes. This will include making active decisions about the price of locations; and looking at possible ways to make attendance more affordable, such as the use of sponsored tickets.
  • Physical access needs – We understand that people will have different needs regarding physical access. We aim to consider this when assessing sites, and will always state accessibility information clearly.
  • Accessibility of text – We will provide large print, recorded audio, or other alternate methods for signup forms, character sheets, and other textual material, to anyone who requires them.
  • Mental health needs – We will always provide an offgame space for people who need it. We will also consider any other needs players might have, including triggers and phobias; and will provide information about what to expect from the larp.
  • Emotional needs – We will always provide content warnings. All larps will have safewords to stop play when necessary, and we will make sure that any techniques regarding intimacy and violence are fully workshopped.
  • We don’t cast based on appearance or physical characteristics, and we expect that players at our larps will not base their play upon these factors.
  • We will always help steer your game or give information and advice as needed.

Sexual violence

We believe that sexual violence can often be glamorized and sexualized in media in a way that contributes to rape culture. Many larps include sexual violence in a thoughtful and respectful way, and we want to make sure that we do likewise. We don’t want to inadvertently give the impression that sexual violence is about sex rather than power, or that there is anything exciting about sexual violence: and we don’t want to perpetuate any myths about people who survive or commit sexual assault.

For this reason, we have made the decision that sexual violence will only be included in our larps where it is a conscious design choice which is very much the focus of the larp, and where it is portrayed in a meaningful and realistic way. If we run a larp like this, then we will ensure that the design choices and expectations are clearly signposted.

In practice, this means that unless we’ve stated otherwise:

  • Sexual violence will not be played out, or be implied to have occurred, during the run time of the larp.
  • If a character has past sexual violence or abuse in their backstory, this will be clearly signposted, written as something significant, and discussed in detail with the participant.
  • If the participant would like to add sexual violence or abuse to their backstory, they should first discuss it with the Larps on Location Organizer Team.

For further information about why we have come to this decision, you can check out the following organizations:

Refund Policy

  • If a participant has to cancel their place at a larp, we may not be able to give a full refund, particularly if it’s close to the event.
  • We may take an administration charge even if we are able to refund the majority of the payment.
  • The exact policy will vary from larp to larp and is always at the organisers’ discretion.
  • We will clearly state the price you need to pay, and the refund policy, for each larp before signup.


We aim to be as transparent as possible about the decisions we make, except in cases where we feel that transparency may impact player safety.

We will always allow participants to self ID and will accept people’s self-identified gender for all purposes.. We will not circulate deadnames or incorrect pronouns.

Inclusion of trans people

We require participants to respect each other’s pronouns. We recognise that people will make mistakes, but deliberately misgendering someone will be considered a breach of the code of conduct.

Toilets will not be labelled by gender, but by the facilities that they contain. Bathroom policing will be considered a breach of the code of conduct.

We will be thoughtful about ensuring trans and LGBTQ+ people are represented in our larps, and the form that that representation will take. We will seek the help of sensitivity readers if we feel we need assistance in writing a character sensitively.

We will continue to listen to trans and non binary people, and to make changes to policies where necessary.

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